Dorothy Perkins Jobs

by admin on October 12, 2010

It is a wise decision to apply to Dorothy Perkin jobs because Dorothy Perkins is a large women’s clothing retailer in United Kingdom. It was founded in 1909 and now it is owned by Arcadia Group Limited. It is one of the established retailers in United Kingdom which has 2,500 outlets around the world and 920 branches within United Kingdom. They have wide range of product and this includes tall, petite, maternity, lingerie, jewelry, accessories, shoes, denim, tailoring, coats, knitwear, jersey tops and dresses. It comes on different sizes and applicable to all ages (20-50 yrs old) so everyone could have their own Dorothy Perkins products. Products are affordable, wearable and accessible. Women will feel feminine, confident and sexy in wearing Dorothy Perkins clothes.


Dorothy Perkins Job Vacancies

by admin on October 12, 2010

There are job vacancies in Head office or Retail, there are several departments that you can choose to work with depending on your qualifications and where you want to pursue your career. The Dorothy Perkins departments are retail management, buying, merchandising, distribution, design, technical services, finance, marketing, human resources and retail operations. Job vacancies may ranges from entry level up to management level positions. In retail management department, you may start as top level sales supervisor or management trainee up to deputy manager, branch manager, area manager and regional controller. They are all responsible in maximizing profit, controlling costs and delivering good customer experience.

Buying department is responsible in sourcing products, contributing to brand strategy and negotiating cost and prices. They should be aware of the fashion trends and what the customers wants to ensure that they will something to offer every season. They work with merchandising and distribution department. You may start as buying administration assistant up to assistant buyer, junior buyer, buyer, senior buyer, head of buying and buying director. Dorothy Perkins provide training and development to help you in doing your role, it may be an on the job training, formal training, regular reviews or real work experience.

Merchandising department works with buying and distribution department. They are responsible in planning of product range, to ensure that everything is well balance and will deliver profit to business. You may start as merchandiser administration assistant up to assistant merchandiser, merchandiser, senior merchandiser, head of merchandising and merchandising director. Distribution department is responsible in delivering products to the store in right quantities and at the right time. Employees should be flexible to handle fast paced work environment to ensure that all stores have stocks. They work with buying and merchandising department. You may start as distributor, senior distributor, stock distribution manager and logistics director.

Designs department are responsible in translating designs into wearable fashion. You may start as student placement up to junior designer, designer, senior designer, design manager and head of design. Applicants must have the experience, skills and qualifications in order to work as a designer in Dorothy Perkins. They should be creative and innovative so they could create a design that will hit the market. They should e a team player because they will work with other department.

Technical services department are responsible in optimizing value in business and reducing costs. They need to ensure that suppliers will deliver quality product. They work with merchandising and buying department and should maintain a healthy working relationship with suppliers. You may start as student placement up to junior technologist, technologist, senior technologist, technical manager and head of technical services. They should have negotiation skills and problem solving skills.

Finance department assist and support senior management in making decisions. They are responsible in planning, forecasting and reviewing of financial aspect that may affect the business. They should be fast thinker, efficient and confident in communicating the financial report at all levels. You may start as student placement up to finance analyst, senior finance analyst, finance manager, and finance controller. Applicants should have passion in numbers.

Marketing department is responsible in communicating and promoting the product to the market. Applicants must have analytical talent, strong communication skills and commercial awareness. You may starts as marketing coordinator, marketing manager and head of marketing. Human Resource department is responsible in recruiting and selecting of employees, implementation of reward policies, developing and maintaining employee relation and delivering training and development to all employees. Retail operations department may be head office or field based staff. You may start as retail operations coordinator up to senior retail operations coordinator and senior retail operations manager. Visual merchandising positions are regional visual merchandising trainer, regional visual merchandising manager and retail visual merchandising manager.